Our Mission

November 7, 2019 we lost our superhero, Alec at 14 years old. Alec was diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer in May of 2015 at 9 years old. He fought relapse after relapse and heart failure from the chemotherapy for 4.5 years. Our family is forever changed by childhood cancer and the loss of our sweet boy. 

When Alec passed, we were emotionally and financially devastated. We still had medical bills coming in along with funeral expenses. Who can even think about going back to work at a time like that? Without our friends and family coming together, we would not have been able to give Alec the “see you later celebration” he deserved or pay for all those expenses. This is when we realized a lot of people don’t have the financial support we did. What would we have done without it?! We also felt the huge lack of outside assistance at that point. From there, Team Alec Forever Foundation was formed. 

Our Mission is to financially help childhood cancer families with end of life expenses, who are treated in the St. Louis area. No one should ever have to go through this. Our greatest wish is for this to never again be needed. Our prayer will ALWAYS be for a world without childhood cancer. We continue to fight for that to become reality. Until then, we will fund raise to financially support families going through this horrible disease. Surviving the loss of a child is hard enough. 

Help us, help these families in memory of Alec Ingram.